Over 50% of adults will be fully vaccinated today

Over half of the adult population will be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 today.

Brian MacCraith, the chair of the vaccination taskforce, says the landmark will be reached this morning.

Under-35s will continue to receive the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in pharmacies today, and 34-year-olds can sign up for an MRNA jab on Friday.

Professor MacCraith says a big milestone will be reached today.

“Today  is a very significant day in the vaccine roll out.

“A number of important numbers are being reached – over 4.4m doses will have been administered, 2.6m dose ones and most significantly of all, we’ll pass the 1.9m mark for people fully vaccinated.

“It means that over 50% of adults in Ireland will be fully vaccinated, and it really signifies a significant milestone in the rollout programme”

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