Over 90% of people vaccinated against Covid-19

Over 90% of people here have been vaccinated for Covid-19.

New research by IPSOS shows 44% have had two or more boosters, while one in three have got a single booster for Covid.

The research which was commissioned by the Irish Pharmaceutical Association show’s almost three fifths of people believe there will be another wave of Covid before the end of the year.

Director of Advocacy and communications with The IPHA Bernard Mallee says Covid is not over yet.

“would like to see more people take up their boosters, particularly people who are vulnerable people who are elderly, but even younger people as well because the more that we can protect the population in general, the better and stronger and the more resistance against variants and waves of this virus.

“It’s not done with us yet, people don’t believe that it’s done with us and we need to make sure that science is fully optimised to protect people against infections.”


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