Parent slams lack of services available for autistic children

The lack of services for children with autism should be treated as a national crisis.

That’s the view of one parent, who describes two of his sons as ‘severely autistic’.

It comes as new figures show more than 110,000 children are on therapy waiting lists.

Mark Darmody has to access private treament as a result of long waiting times:

“It’s not being treated like a national crisis. Inequality is literally accepted for children with autism. It is just accepted that a child can be left on a waiting list for three to four years and just left to rot. There is literally no other word for it.”

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  1. Leigh   On   18th August 2022 at 9:21 pm

    Totally agree the lack of services is shocking there is a march in cork this Saturday the 20th with FUSS ireland on behalf of our children ( please see their Facebook page ) please give us a mention !!!

  2. Tracy Flanagan   On   22nd August 2022 at 10:54 am

    Theres no services for kids until you ask tusla for help ,then ur dragged thru the “courts “an order is slapped on ur child and our esteemed gov then have no issue coughing up 28grand per calender mth to private health care companies …calling themselves NUA HEALTHCARE ,how does it benefit a child shunted 200 km away from thier whole family ?????

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