Parents express frustration at change to close contact rules

Parents are expressing their frustration new close contact rules will still force asymptomatic teenagers to restrict their movements, even if they’re double vaccinated.

Only those who’ve had a booster and are asymtomatic can avoid self-isolation, under the change which takes effect from midnight.

12-15 year olds aren’t currently eligible to get a booster vaccine.

Irish Times journalist and mother of seven, Jen Hogan, says many students will be forced to restrict their movements, missing more school as a result.

“They’ve missed more in-school learning than anyone else, and now they’re facing into a situation where they could potentially be repeatedly isolating.

“In that cohort are this year’s third years – the last time they had a full year of in-school learning they were in 6th class. And yet this year’s third years are expected to sit the Junior Cert come June.”


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