Passengers are frustrated after paying for covid tests unnecessarily

International passengers arriving into Ireland were supposed to have proof of a negative covid test from today, but it has been delayed until Sunday or possibly Monday.
The Justice Minister says the delay was as a result of regulations not being signed soon enough and that it wasn’t intentional.

Colin Murphy and his girlfriend live in Liverpool and arrived home to Ireland this morning:

“We went about yesterday, both of us had to take an extra day annual leave, and we had to pay 30 pounds each. This morning we arrived to our gate in Liverpool and we were told they’ve scrapped it till Sunday now, so it wasn’t needed. I just don’t understand why when you’re releasing these rules, nobody sits down and puts a timescale on when when it’s going to be needed for.”

  1. Niamh Fanning   On   4th December 2021 at 11:54 am

    Had a trip organised from 3rd-5th December with Ryanair to find my wedding dress in Warsaw & have a little Christmas break! Decided the risk wasn’t worth the reward incase anyone from my travelling party or I contracted Covid & were forced to quarantine in Warsaw only to find out that the government delayed the guidelines which would have meant that we could have indeed went to Poland without any antigen testing needed!! Lost €350 worth of flights and an opportunity to have a weekend break & find the dress of my dreams!! Why do we bother listening to these fools guiding us anymore?!! Gutted is an understatement!

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