Patients Need To Be Able To Access Right Care In The Right Area Of Health Service

Patients need to be able to access the right care in the right area of the health service

That’s according to a pharmacist who has written to the Health Minister outlining her concerns about over burdened GPs and overcrowded emergency departments.

Pharmacist Sheena Mitchell believes that involving pharmacists in community care would cut down on GP visits.

The Irish Pharmacy Union has been calling for an expansion of their services since 2014 but this has yet to happen with Minister Stephen Donnelly saying they will play a big role in SláinteCare in the future.

Speaking to RedFM News Sheena Mitchell says a clear, simple evidence-based solution has been handed to them which would work if implemented:

“We propose that pharmacies see patients first, and either treat patients, who have simple straightforward, minor ailments that are procedure-based and protocol followed. And if we feel that a patient is not fitting the criteria for our services, we then refer them to the GP who has obviously further clinical experience and knowledge. GP will then have availability to see that patient and prevent them from having to clog up the A&E system”.


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