Patrick Street sees two new colourful crossings ahead of Cork Pride Festival

Two brand new Rainbow Crossings have been painted on Patrick Street in Cork city ahead of the LGBT+ Pride Festival.

The new crossings are unique to Cork, incorporating both the 6 bands of the traditional Pride flag in addition to a chevron design representing people of colour, transgender and intersex identities.

The rainbow flag is no stranger to the city, after being the first city in Ireland to raise the flag on a public building, as well as being the first to illuminate a City Hall in rainbow colours.

Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr Damian Boylan welcomed these colourful and inclusive additions to the city’s public realm saying:

“These Crossings are a powerful and progressive symbol of the City’s support for and collaboration with Cork’s LGBTI+ Communities, we’re delighted that our Rainbow City now has some Rainbow Crossings. Commissioned jointly by the Cork LGBT+ Pride Festival and Cork’s LGBTI+ Inter-Agency Group, with the active support of Cork City Council the Rainbow Crossings are a visible and physical symbol of our commitment to being an open, welcoming and inclusive city.

I want to thank all who’ve advocated with City Council for these crossings including my fellow councillors and LGBTI NGOs but especially both groups here today for their collaborative work these past few months “ We’re very  proud to have worked on getting the crossings installed : on LGBTI+ rights and recognition wonderful progress was made in the last decade but everyone knows  we’re at a difficult crossroads now with LGBTI+ and many other progressive rights being challenged and eroded. These Rainbow Crossings are a timely and welcome public statement by our city in response, they say very clearly and colourfully that this is a good city in which to live, work and visit”


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