PDForra is to raise the difficulties they’re facing in feeding troops three meals a day for €4.20

The Association which represents the Defence Forces is to highlight the rising cost of food and the increasing challenges that chefs have trying to feed personnel on the current daily ration budget.

The budget is roughly €2 per day less than is given to feed an inmate in the country’s prisons.

PDForra president Mark Keane, a Naval Service petty officer chef, said increasing strain is being put on his counterparts to deliver decent food with such a poor daily allowance.

Speaking to RedFM News Mark says the daily ration allowance was cut in 2008 and now urgently needs to be reinstated and reviewed:

“These are legacy issues where the €4.20 cent comes from- the time of 2008 when the country was pinned to its collar, and everyone was asked to make those sacrifices, the Defence Forces were no different than the public sector or private sector. But unfortunately, we’re the last to get that boost back up, you know, a rising tide lifts all boats, we’re the last one to be lifted unfortunately. It seems to be at times that that the Defence Forces is a bit like Cinderella; we’re the forgotten service within the public service. That needs to be addressed.”


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