People Before Profit TD says Government need to focus on systemic issues as well as targeted cost of living measures

Once-off government payments may be making a difference now, but after Christmas we’ll be in ‘dire straits’.

That’s the view of People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith, who’s calling on people to get behind cost of living protests this weekend.

Demonstrations in Sligo, Galway, Limerick, Cork, Drogheda and Dublin will all take place this coming Saturday.

Deputy Brid Smith says more long-term systemic changes need to be made:

“There’s no doubt that the very welcome one off payments have given a breathing space to the government, but they’re not dealing with systemic issues. For example, there’s been no inflation, matching increase for pensioners for people with disabilities or for carers. When these double payments are paid off, and after Christmas, people are going to find themselves in dire straits because costs are still going up. We still need more to be done and more systemic measures to be taken.”


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