People Planning On Jetting Off Next Year Warned Of Potential Airport Delays

People planning on jetting off next year are being warned of potential airport delays, due to security staff shortages.

Several leading European airports, including Amsterdam and Heathrow, are already warning they’ll be putting caps on the number of flights in 2023.

Travel experts say the week after St. Patrick’s Day will be a big test to see how successful Dublin Airport’s recent recruitment drive has been.

Travel Journalist Eoghan Corry says there could be lengthy queues at security gates again next year:

“It’s looking already like a big issue for next year. Huge airports that were really hit by staff shortages this year, and listeners have been listening to this all summer. Mainly Amsterdam and Heathrow are already warning that they will be putting caps on the number of flights for next year. Dublin obviously has laid off its temporary stuff for the winter. It does look like it’ll be a big recruitment problem for them”.

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