Peter Mark to charge customers more if they’ve damaged their hair during lockdown

A leading chain of hair salons is going to charge customers more to undo the damage caused during lockdown.

Peter Mark’s salons are due to re-open on Monday along with hairdressers and barbers across the country.

It says customers may be charged an extra €60 for a “colour detox” if they dyed their hair at home over the last few months.

There may also be a €45 charge for clients whose hair colour has faded since their last appointment.

Margaret O’Rourke Doherty, CEO of the Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation, says the added costs are justified.

“For those clients who used to come in every 6-8 weeks, you’re not talking about a normal regrowth, you’re talking about quite a substantial regrowth, which is 3-4 times what it would be normally, so that’s an additional cost.

“You’ve an additional colour cost there, you’ve an additional time cost, and in terms of colour corrections and things like that, there’s a significant amount of time that goes into those services.”


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