PFAI chairman says League of Ireland players are growing more frustrated

League of Ireland players are growing more frustrated over the length of time being taken to get the season back on track.

That’s according to PFAI Chairman and Dundalk goalkeeper Gary Rogers.

The season was halted in early March and talks between the FAI and clubs have been ongoing for weeks without any sign of a resolution.

With nearly every other European Leagues underway – Rogers feels momentum has been lost

“All of the European countries are back up and running.

“If we could have gotten back up and running you could have benefitted from being first back.

“We’re in a situation now where we’re going to be last back, at the minute we currently don’t have a start date, and we’re the only summer league in Europe who doesn’t have a start date back.

“That’s hugely frustrating for the players who are training away at the minute trying to stay fit and stay focussed for a league that they don’t know when is going to start.”

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