Pfizer set to apply for US authorisation for its Covid 19 vaccine within days

The pharmaceutical giant says their jab has a 95% success rate according to further data, which is up from 90%.

Ireland is set to get over 2.2 million doses of the vaccine if its approved for distribution, which would cover 1.1 million people.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly says Ireland also has bids in for other vaccines if they became available, “Sanofi, we have advanced purchase for 3.3 million doses. Janssen, we have advanced purchase for 2.2 million, and AstraZeneca that’s the one that they’re doing with Oxford University, we’ve advanced purchase in place for 3.3 million,” he said.

“We’re also talking, we’re in advanced negotiations, or the EU is an advanced negotiations with three other companies including Moderna”.


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