Pilot Suffers ‘Nasty’ Fracture After Plane Crash Lands On Wexford Beach

A pilot has suffered what’s been described as a ‘nasty’ fracture after a plane crash landed onto a Wexford beach.

Three others were also hurt during the incident, which was forced on the crew due to mechanical failure.

However the pilot’s been hailed for the quick decision to hit the beach, as the plane was flying very low to undertake a survey.

Ralph Riegel, Southern Correspondent with the Irish Independent, says the injuries are significant in some cases, but not life threatening:

“They were tasked at the scene from their bases in Waterford, and in Dublin, and the injured were taken to hospitals in Wexford and in Waterford. In all cases the injuries are not described as life threatening. In one particular case, I think, one of the fracturs might be quite nasty, but it’s hoped that all four will make full recoveries from their injuries.”


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