Plan By Council To Split Up And Reduce Number Of Bus Bays In City Described As “Crazy” By Commercial Bus Operator

A plan by the Council to split up and reduce the number of bus bays in the city has been described as “crazy” by a commercial bus operator

The owner of West Cork Connects has raised his concerns about the impact of the city council’s decision to move bus bays from Patricks Quay to three separate locations across the city – Coburg Street, the Lower Glanmire Road and Andersons Quay

The commercial bus companies are being moved off the quay to make room for cycle lanes, as part of the Council’s plans to revamp the MacCurtain Street area.

Speaking to RedFM News Damien Long of West Cork Connects says the move has also resulted in the loss of 8 bus bays in the city and means his business model will have to change:

“I mean n our business was set up as West Cork Connects to connect the people of West Cork to services on to Dublin, Galway, Limerick, different places like that . So, our bus would arrive at Patrick’s Quay at 5 to 8. The AirCoach would leave at eight o’clock. It was seamless connection: just get off one bus, onto another and go straight to Dublin. It was seamless for people in West Cork. Now, we’ll be at Anderson’s Quay at 5 to 8; they’ll be on the Lower Glanmire Road, leaving at 8 o’clock. You just can’t make that connection any more. So the whole model of our business, of what we started to do here, is destroyed overnight for no reason”.


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