Plan to cut Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions to be published

A €125 billion  plan to cut Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 will be published later.

Cabinet’s meeting to sign-off on the Climate Action Plan, which sets sectoral emissions targets for each government department.

The three biggest areas of focus are likely to be transport, the retrofit of homes and agriculture – with the latter facing a reduction target of 22-30%

But junior Agriculture Minister, Martin Haydon, is reassuring farmers a reduction in the national herd isn’t being considered.

“We’re not talking about reducing the herd or such prudent measures, but to do a science based approach that will be small measures that will make a very big difference to get us there.

“Ultimately what we’re talking about is the stabilisation of our herd, that it doesn’t go up or it doesn’t go down, but that we continue to produce the top quality food that we do but that we do that with a lower emissions profile.”


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