Plight Of Former Debenhams Workers In Cork Continues As Promised €3 Million Training Fund Still Not In Place

Valerie Conlon, an ex-shop steward at Debenhams told RedFM news that former workers are now in danger of missing out on courses which are due to commence this autumn.

330 staff from two Cork stores on Patrick Street and Mahon Point blockaded their former workplaces for 406 days after Debenhams announced the closure of 11 outlets in the Republic.

Gerry Light, the General Secretary of the Mandate Trade Union told RedFM News that the union is very disappointed that the distribution of the funds hasn’t commenced yet and is calling on the government to make it happen without any further delay.

Speaking to RedFM News, ex-shop steward Valerie Conlon said that it is causing the retail giant’s former employees huge stress as they can’t plan for their future despite the fund being agreed upon months ago:

“This had been voted on as well in December, then we voted back in May, it was accepted in May, and people are still up in the air. There’s people that want to do, you know, master’s degrees and they have to put it off now for another year because they can’t afford to be paying. They know they’re not going to get all the money towards the Masters, but they still can’t afford to be paying it all out. At the end of the day, these people are out of work for nearly two years.”


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