Port of Cork to leave City Centre by 2050

The Port of Cork is to leave the city centre by 2050 to make way for an urban regeneration scheme

A masterplan for the Port is due to be published by the end of this month and will detail how the port will change over the next two decades

The port’s activities are being moved to the Lower Harbour and the City Council are expected to buy up the land around the city centre quays to help facilitate the regeneration of the docklands with the development of thousands of homes and the creation of a new urban centre

Over 146 hectares of land will be developed over 20 years accommodating a poulation of 25,000 and a workforce of up to 30,000 along with a student population of around 4,000 people

The Chief Executive of the Port of Cork Company, Eoin McGettigan, told an Oireachtas Committee that one of the city quays and another in Tivoli “are very suitable for compact living”.


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