Possible tax break for workers being considered for Budget

A one thousand euro tax break for workers, is among the ideas being brought to the table ahead of the budget.

According to the Irish Irish Independent, it would see workers on an average household income awarded the payment.

The measure is being backed by three Fine Gael Junior Ministers – before the coalition begins to discuss the budget this summer.

Fine Gael TD Colm Brophy says it’s something workers deserve after years of ‘high-taxation’.

“it’s something that is due to people who are on average incomes, middle incomes.

“So if you are on about €52,000, what we would be suggesting is that you would get a tax break in the next budget that would be worth around €1,000.

“You’ve got to remember, we have very high personal tax rates. Around the 2008 crash, people said ‘well, the economy is in a dire way, and the finances are in a dire way’.

“Well, the nation’s finances have never been stronger, and there’s a huge surplus.”


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