Potential Landlords Reminded Of Tax Break Of Up To €14,000 If They Rent Out Spare Room To Students

Landlords are being reminded they can receive a tax break of up to 14 thousand euro if they rent out a spare room in their home to students.

Trinity College sent an email to alumni highlighting the lack of available accommodation for incoming students, and asked if any had a bed for the academic year.

Labour Senator Annie Hoey says it’s ‘awful’ that the college had to do that.

She believes the student accommodation crisis won’t get better any time soon:

“This is all part of the microcosm, or the economy, of a housing crisis – and as I said, students are are one part of it. Until the government get to grips with the whole housing crisis, students will continue to suffer and have nowhere to live and we’re continuing to look for alumni to give rooms to students, and all sorts of situations where they’re putting off going to college for another year, because they just can’t get anywhere to live. And I just think that’s such a shame”.

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