Price of a match on GAAGo can differ by almost €3 depending on where it’s bought

The price of a match on GAAGo can differ by almost three euro depending on where it’s bought.

High-profile games being put behind a paywall recently has raised questions about the streaming service.

Matches purchased on GAAGo’s mobile app cost 14.99, while on the GAAGo website, it’s only 12 euro.

Technology Correspondent Jess Kelly says the difference is down to app stores looking to make a bit of money:

“This is because it’s an extra charge that Apple and Google place on in app purchases within applications hosted on their app store. So let me break it down. You put an app into the marketplace of Apple or Google for users to download, the app can be free, and that’s fine. But if the consumer makes a purchase within the infrastructure of the app, Apple and Google want a slice of that pie and it’s 30%”


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