Principal of a city centre school renews her calls for a traffic warden after a number of near-misses

The principal of a Cork school which has been denied a traffic warden due to budget constraints says they may be forced to bring city centre traffic to standstill unless the City Council revises it’s policy on this matter

Maura O’Riordan of the Cork Educate Together National School on Grattan Street says heavy volumes of traffic ignore the school’s pedestrian crossing on a daily basis, and she fears that unless a traffic warden is instated then it’s only a matter of time before there is an accident

The City Council says school warden locations were selected historically and had remained unchanged for several years, with no extra funding made available however all requests are assessed and prioritised in the event that additional funding becomes available.

Maura O’Riordan says motorists regularly stop on the zebra crossing forcing children to weave in and out of traffic to make it to the school

She says she has raised the matter with the Gardai a number of times as there have been several near-misses outside the school


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