Proposed law to remove parts of protocol due before House of Commons

A proposed law by the British Government, which would remove parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol, is due before the House of Commons again today.

The EU has restarted legal action against the UK, after the bill was first introduced in Westminster by the British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss two weeks ago.

Taoiseach Michael Martin described the British Government’s actions as marking a new ‘low point’ in relations with Ireland.

Meanwhile, the DUP says it won’t re-enter power sharing in the North, until changes to the Protocol are made.

The SDLP’s Brexit Spokesperson, Matthew O’Toole, says the British Government’s plans would breach international law.

“This is a totally irresponsible act from a British government which has, I’m afraid completely lost touch with basic norms of good governance and following the law.

“We need ways to smooth some of the movement of goods into the north from Britain. But it also gives us economic advantage.

“What the UK Government is doing is trying to disrupt all that trying to disrupt the advantage and trying to I’m afraid just create havoc and provocation.”


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