Prosecution in Frankie Dunne murder trial claims accused was “unlucky” body was discovered by a man looking for his missing cat

The prosecution at the trial of the man accused of murdering Frankie Dunne has claimed the man concealed the dismembered body under a bush and was “unlucky” when a man discovered it while searching for his missing cat.

30 year old Ionut Cosmin Nicolescu with an address in Romania denies any involvement in the murder of 64 year old Frankie Dunne in December 2019.

In his closing speech to the jury, Prosecution barrister Ray Boland Senior Counsel claimed Ionut Cosmin Nicolescu had put the partially dismembered body of Frankie Dunne under a bush as it was a “work in progress” that he intended to return to in order to continue dismembering it.

He said it is the state’s case that the last thing the accused expected was for a neighbour who had never set foot in the garden of Castlegreine House on Boreenmanna Road after twenty years of living in the area to discover the body while out looking for his missing elderly cat.

The barrister described it as an “extraordinary coincidence” and said Nicolescu was undoubtedly a “clever man”, but that his description of the two men he said had forced him to help bag up the remains of Frankie Dunne were “comically evil” and straight out of “central casting.”

Mr. Boland said it was possible that an argument had broken out between Frankie Dunne and Ionut Cosmin Nicolescu but said that even if Frankie Dunne had threatened the accused, it would have been disproportionate to smash two bottles over his head and strangle him.

He also warned the jury not to take any inference from Nicolescu’s decision not to give evidence in his trial and said that sometimes people were “too nervous” to give evidence.

The trial will continue tomorrow with a closing speech to the jury from defence Senior Counsel Philipp Rahn.



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