Protest to be held outside Dáil ahead of Government Summer recess

A protest group says it’s unacceptable that politicians will be ‘off on holidays’ from the end of the week during a cost of living crisis.

It is holding a protest outside the Dáil later, during a debate on affordable rents.

People Before Profit wants rents reduced to link with people’s incomes but the Taoiseach has dismissed that as un-workable.

Louise Bayliss from lone parent families group, SPARK, admits politicians won’t be totally off the clock, but no legislation will pass for weeks:

“No, they are not off on their holidays and anybody will say that they can get in consultation to clinics and that but if there’s no voting, there’s no legislation. So there is a halt in the legislation that’s passed that will be needed. I suppose what we’re looking for is an urgent recall to make sure that households that are struggling, will be supported in this crucial time.”


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