Public awareness campaign launched as part of Europe’s Cyber Security Month

The National Cyber Security Centre and the Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau have come together to educate the public on the importance of cyber safety.

Ransomware incidents have been on the rise since the attack on the HSE in May of last year.

Director of the National Cyber Security Centre, Richard Brown says another attack is possible but they are prepared:

It is not impossible that we’d have a similar incident again. The nature of these things are that the bad guys are always trying. What would happen differently at our level? well, first of all, the NCSC is far better resourced. We also have a new national cyber emergency plan built on the learnings of the HSE incident response process. In reality, if you’re in a situation where a large dataset- a large network –has been taken down by an advanced ransomware group, there’s very little you can actually do; it’s too late. So for us the focus is on both improving our ability to respond, but also ensuring that this doesn’t happen and again making sure people understand what they need to do.”



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