Public consultation begins on Cork city plan

A public consultation has begun on a multi-billion euro plan for Cork.

Under the draft development plan, 20,000 new houses are to be built by 2028, while the population would grow by 125,000 by 2040.

The proposals aim to make Cork city a major economic driver to counterbalance Dublin’s dominance.

The plan provides a transformative blueprintg for Cork as the vity embarks a phase of growth and change which is being support by substantial Government funding

Ann Doherty, Chief Executive of Cork City Council, says the plan will focus on the quality of life for people who choose to live in the city.

“What’s important is we plan the city’s growth and development of 20,000 homes and 31,000 jobs in the life of this plan is that we keep at the heart of everything we do the quality of life, that people really matter.

“For you to come to Cork, you will have a place, a really really  special place, that will meet your needs. “

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