Public Have Been Very Cooperative In General In Adhering To Covid Measures In Pubs And Restaurants

That’s according to the chairperson of the Cork Branch of the Vintners Federation of Ireland.

Yesterday’s announcement by Fáilte Ireland of their latest guidelines eased some of the harsher restrictions on the hospitality sector.

Live music is now allowed outdoors at pubs, restaurants and hotels under the newly announced guidelines.

They’ve also been changed to allow social gatherings of up to 200 people outdoors.

Multiple tables can be booked but customers won’t be allowed to mingle between tables.

Michael O’Donovan, Chairperson of the VFI in Cork city and county told RedFM News, that group booking could pose dilemmas initially but staff will be on hand if they arise:

And customers have been really good in following the guidelines to be honest so people understand that if they’re at a table they have to stay at the table. Look, it will be a new challenge when it’s going to be a group booking that people will may try and intermingle but look, we have staff there that are reminding people that they have to stay safe that they have to state their own table and look I suppose the practicalities will come when it gets operational but the public so far have been very g

ood and buying into the guidelines and following the regulations.



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