Public sector pay talks break up without agreement

Talks between Government and trade unions on a new public sector pay deal have broken up overnight without agreement.

Unions sources say the discussions continued until the early hours of this morning at the Workplace Relations Commission, however they say there’s a significant gap between both sides.

Unions had been pressing for pay rises in or around 7% to compensate for the spiralling cost of living.

The WRC has urged both sides to reflect and consider fresh negotiations.

Business journalist Gavin McLoughlin says a no-deal scenario could lead to a period of instability.

“If a deal doesn’t get done, obviously you’re looking at increased potential for industrial unrest.

“That’s another thing that’s going on in the economy at the moment that brings us back to what it was like in the 1970s.

“It’s obviously the last thing we need at the moment given all the uncertainty that’s out there at the moment.”


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