Publicans across Cork say new curfew will make it hard for them to open at all

Cork publicans say trade has been tough since the October Bank Holiday weekend and the new midnight curfew will make it very difficult for some publicans to open at allThe Vintners Federation of Ireland has been reporting the widespread cancellation of Christmas parties over the last fortnight and say the reintroduction of restrictions will be a devastating blow for the live-entertainment and late-night sector.Publicans say they do understand the deteriorating public health situation, but says there are workers, families, and business affected by the reintroduction of these restrictions, and they have concerns as the sector faces into another indefinite period of closure.Michael Farrell owner of Farrell’s Summerfield Bar in Youghal says his customers, in particular the older age group, are curtailling their socialising as the number of Covid 19 cases continues to riseSpeaking to RedFM News Michael Farrell says if restrictions are being imposed on publicans there needs to be equality across the sector:

“The one thing is, what’s baffling most publicans is the fact that people can go to a restaurant or a pub and for a meal or to meet people and they’re fairly safe but if they go into hotel, they’ll be sitting alongside someone who’s unvaccinated, and it makes no sense. There’s no there’s no coherent plan from the government there. They have to do something about that.”



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