Pubs, restaurants and nightclubs to close at midnight from Thursday

Nightclubs, pubs and restaurants will have new closing hours of 12 midnight from this Thursday under plans agreed by Cabinet.

Ministers have also approved new advice for people to work from home where they can from Friday.

In the face of very stark warnings from NPHET Ministers have moved to ease the spread of the virus.

Less than a month after lifting the closing time restrictions on the hospitality sector they’re being reimposed from this Thursday.

Pubs, restaurants AND nightclubs will have to close their doors at midnight.

There will be different arrangements for hotel bars.

It’s already led to the Restaurants Association of Ireland calling for business supports to be reintroduced due to the lack of trade they’ll suffer.

A new work from home order will be issued from Friday – but the language will say it has to happen ‘where practicable’ – accepting some businesses won’t be able to accommodate that.

A booster vaccine campaign for over 50s has been agreed – with the Taoiseach telling the meeting there will be capacity for 230,000 jabs a week.

There’s also to be changes to rules around close contacts – meaning once there is a confirmed Covid case in a household everyone in that home will have to stay at home for five days, and will be sent antigen tests.

Digital Covid Certs WON’T be required for access to gyms, barbers and hairdressers

They will now be needed for cinemas and theatres – though many were doing this anyway to ensure 100% capacity

  1. Noel O callaghan   On   16th November 2021 at 8:41 pm

    People of Cork please remember who it is that is really making a bags of trying to get rid of covid . The next election is not far away please remember who is doing this to us Irish people it’s Michael Martin and Leo Varadkar Fianna Fáil and Finn Geal And the Hated Greens . Let rid our country of these people use your vote and voice. We are sick of them. Give someone else a chance

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