Pubs struggling to stay open due to increasing costs

Pubs will have to face tough choices over the coming weeks, as many struggle to stay open because of the escalating cost of doing business.

That’s according to the Chairperson of the Cork City and County branch of the Vinteners’ Federation of Ireland, Michael O’Donovan.

He says rising expenses mean that pubs, which rely on the summer trade to carry them through the rest of the year, won’t have the means to do so.

Speaking to RedFM News, Michael O’Donovan says that proprietors are contacting him and outlining the deteriorating situation to him:

“It’s coming to a point now where I was talking to a man yesterday who has a restaurant up the country, his breakeven point is gone up, from four months ago when it was at €11,000 a week to yesterday, it was €19,000 a week. And as he said, sales haven’t increased to that level, if anything, sales have stagnated or declined, so it’s going to be a decision in the next four to six weeks and that’s obviously jobs and premises, potentially might close so you know, it’s really challenging and really difficult at the moment.”


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