Questions raised about the future of Sláintecare

The Sláintecare Committee Chair says the resignation of two of the most senior officials involved in the plan raises fundamental questions about its future.

Sláintecare Executive Director Laura Magahy and Chair of the Implementation Advisory Council Professor Tom Keane have both stood down.

The ten-year plan promises free GP care, universal healthcare and an end to private practice in public hospitals

Social Democrats co-leader and Chair of the Sláintecare Committee, Roisin Shortall, says Health Minister Stephen Donnelly needs to tell the public what’s going on.

“Clearly in their resignation letters and in discussions they would have had with the Minister they would have outlined where they believe there are blockages to this reform.

“I think now it’s important for the Minister to come out, I think he owes it to the Irish people, to explain what those blockages are, and to give us an assurance that he will take all steps necessary to remove those blockages.”

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