Raise The Roof: Cork Man With Full Time Job Struggling To Pay Mortgage

A Cork man with full time job says he is struggling to pay back his mortgage and says he was forced to borrow €100 from his 19 year old daughter to see him through to pay day.

Martin Horgan from Midleton was one of over one thousand people to take part in a housing and homeless demonstration in the City earlier today.

Organisers say the government’s approach to housing has failed and are warning that private developers alone will not solve the problem.

Speaking to RedFM News Martin says he is one of the many whose struggling is hidden in the current cost of living crisis:

“I think most young people are planning to leave. Sure, there’s nothing here for them. There’s no housing”.

“You know, it is absolutely terrifying, in that the majority are renters. They could get an eviction notice through their door. It’s the security of tenure as well. That’s the issue. People don’t know from one month to the other whether they’re going to have a roof over their head. It’s terrifying”.


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