‘Raise The Roof’ rally to be held in Cork

A rally demanding housing for all will take place in Cork tomorrow.

The Raise The Roof march and rally will take place at 12.30 outside Connolly Hall, as campaigners say it will be the largest housing protest seen in Cork city since the onset of the housing crisis.

An organising meeting was held last night, and was attended by politicians, trade union representatives, musicians, artists, and community and volunatary housing activists.

Joe Kelly is the President of Cork Council of Trade Unions, and says the housing crisis is having a huge impact.

“Our members are telling us on a daily basis that the housing crisis is the biggest crisis that they’ve faced in their working lives.

“People on good salaries, on decent money, with good jobs, and they cannot afford to buy a house, they can’t even afford to rent.

“In this day and age housing should be a right.

“It’s imperative on our Government that housing should be a right, and everybody should have a home.”



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