Relative of a resident at Owencurra says they still don’t know where they will go once the centre closes

Residents at Owencurra still don’t know where they will go once the centre closes.

That’s according to a relative of a resident of the mental health facility in Midleton who say they have had a “year of hell” fighting for the centre to stay open.

The HSE says Owenacurra must close as it is not fit for purpose and they plan to move the residents to different locations in Cork.

Meanwhile the Minister of Mental Health Mary Butler said that the centre will be closed and the decision will not be reversed.

Speaking to RedFM News, Maureen O’Sullivan whose brother is a resident at Owenacurra, says residents and staff have been like a family to him.

“It’s absolutely outrageous. And now the latest that’s being said is that a local house is going to be purchased in Midleton but there’s been no consultation with relatives, no consultation with residents. I care about my brother , Owenacurra saved his life. So it’s a matter of life and death for me that the centre stays open. It brought him great stability. It’s brought great happiness.”


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