Relative Of Resident Of Owenacurra Centre In Midleton Says Campaign Must Continue

A relative of one of the residents of the Owenacurra Centre in Midleton says their campaign must continue.

Maureen O’Sullivan’s brother lives in the long-stay mental health centre.

She was reacting to an Oireachtas Public Petitions Committee discussion of the centre’s planned closure.

The HSE told the Committee that current building regulations are preventing the renovation of Owenacurra.

The Executives estates manager Alan O’Connell told an Oireachtas committee that replacing the ceilings there would mean the entire building would have to conform to all modern building regulations, making it too costly.

Speaking to RedFM News, Maureen O’Sullivan says relatives of the centre’s residents will hold the HSE to their word:

“Our campaign has to continue because they promised of the HSE is that they’re only going to move people in the centre to better accommodation. So we’re going to hold them to the word on that. And we haven’t seen any signs of better accommodation coming up so we are going to continue our campaign”.


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