Relatives Of People Who Died From Covid In Nursing Homes Call On Taoiseach To Listen Personally To Their Concerns

Relatives of people who died from Covid in nursing homes are calling on the Taoiseach to listen personally to their concerns.

The group, Care Champions, says many of their families feel they can’t share their stories in public because of fears of legal action.

Spokesperson Majella Beattie, says she wants Micheál Martin to intervene to get answers:

“Families feel that they cannot move on, that they can’t even start the grieving process until they know the facts, until they know what actually happened. You know, were they given pain relief, was there somebody there to turn them, did they get fluids or water? And you know, COVID has really turned the people who have passed away into numbers. And the people who died in nursing homes were not numbers.”

  1. Marguerite Mc Sweeney   On   5th February 2022 at 12:20 pm

    Our loved ones were young, intelligent, talented people once. They did not deserve to die in this manner. The lack of respect and basic care that was not shown to these humans is deeply upsetting. Our elderly can’t be let down anymore!!!

  2. Christine brohan   On   5th February 2022 at 12:51 pm

    My family are just one of the families that are still suffering from the circumstances surrounding my mams death in a cork nursing home one year ago this week. Still so many unanswered questions of how the pandemic was so badly managed in our nursing homes leaving families unable to grieve properly. We absolutely need a full public inquiry and investigation into what happened in our nursing homes. Certainly lessons were not learned during the 1st and 2nd wave of the pandemic that has led to so many loss of lives, leading to families being traumatised and devastated due to the stress of what happened.

  3. Anna Couch   On   5th February 2022 at 1:28 pm

    It’s heartbreaking for the families of those who died in nursing home to still have no answers. Our loved ones died alone. Imagine to be all alone and knowing you are leaving this world. I still have nightmares. No one should die like that. Someone needs to investigate why and give us answers. There wasn’t even water in my mothers room when they allowed me a few minutes to see her a few hours before she passed. I was told 15 mins as per regulations. You could see her time was almost up but they would not allow me stay. I need a lot of questions answered or this will never leave me.

  4. ANNE GALLAGHER   On   5th February 2022 at 1:40 pm

    I heard today on the radio that families who were bereaved through nursing homes cannot move on without answers or to be heard by An Taoiseach personally. I add my name to that, as my family and I relate to every word.
    My husband / best friend/ brilliant father who passed away in a Nursing Home cannot be allowed to be a statistic, he was a wonderful person and I need to know what happened. A public enquiry is desperately needed before we can allow our loved ones rest in peace ‘ I would urge An Taoiseach Michael Martin and Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly to set up a public enquiry in the immediate future rather than later and let us have some answers.

  5. Sharon O Donovan   On   5th February 2022 at 2:16 pm

    We are another family from a different Cork nursing home that lost our father due to Covid in the second lockdown. They way my dad was treated and the way we as a family were treated was absolutely shocking, not be able to say our goodbyes and not to be told he had passed until I entered the room, for the rest of my family not been able to see him only through a window and my mother saying her goodbyes through this window after 60 years of marriage was an absolute disgrace. These people that died were our loved ones that we loved dearly, we need to have a public inquiry as to why this happened in each lockdown.

  6. Jeanette Coyle   On   5th February 2022 at 6:43 pm

    If Micheál Martin and Stephen Donnelly had to experience anything like the tortuous year the families who have lost loved ones in Carechoice Ballynoe have had to endure then they would be front and centre calling for an inquiry and would have those responsible held to account. It was a nightmare as it was having to lose our mother during a pandemic. Families had so much to deal with in coming to terms with not being able to see their loved after they passed due to a closed coffin and not being allowed to be there for that last few minutes. The constant fear and nightmares that maybe it wasn’t them ? Who have they buried ? Whose graveside might they be standing by without now knowing that my mom was stripped of all dignity in her last few days and that there wasn’t one single person that showed her any real love and affection when she was leaving this world. Half my mother’s life was robbed due to her illness kicking in at 49 and now knowing that she was just put in to a bare shell of a room to die on her own is just heart wrenching. All her personal belongings and pictures dumped in some cupboard in boxes. She deserved so so much more than that as did all the other residents. All the promises that were made to us about the care our family members would receive were all broken. It was all lies. All families want now is to get the answers to why these promises were broken and why our family members had to have such a lonely painful end to their lives. Something needs to be done to help families sleep at night and to allow our loved ones rest in the peace they all deserve so much.

  7. Susan cummins   On   5th February 2022 at 8:55 pm

    We lost our mam a year ago ina cork nursing home from covid .We never got to see our mam never expected her to die .She died on a Tuesday and we met her going into the church on the Friday for her funeral .There is a need for a public enquiry as we have no information on the week of her death so many unanswered questions no one should be left die alone or families should not have been deprived of this .Families are traumatised and numb for the last year .

  8. Frank Brohan   On   5th February 2022 at 11:52 pm

    I have seen the devasting effect my mother in laws death has had on her family, they along with all the other relatives and friends of those who died from covid in nursing homes deserve their voices to be heard.I urge An Taoiseach Micheal Martin aswell as Minister Donnelly to agree to meet with the bereaved families and hear first hand the harrowing stories they have to tell.To date they have hit a brick wall in their quest for answers, shamefull considering the emotional toll it has had on them, these families need and deserve answers through a public enquiry ,,they are the voices of their loved ones, they deserve to be heard.

  9. Róisín lane   On   6th February 2022 at 4:59 pm

    Firstly I would like to give my sincere condolences to all the families affected . The Taoiseach should meet theses families and one of the largest deaths that occurred in a nursing home was right here in his native Cork . They failed these people in their last days and hours . These families need some closure , they need answers and the country needs to know it won’t ever happen again . Have we learned nothing from all the scandals in Ireland down through the years . Silence is not the answer . It didn’t work in the past and it won’t now . Show these families some respect .

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