Repak Plastic Pledge Members reduce plastic packaging by an average of 25%

Repak Plastic Pledge Members achieved an average plastic packaging recycling rate of 69%, which is 19% ahead of 2025 EU targets.

In total, the company diverted 26,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste from the Irish market. In addition, members of the pledge also reduced their plastic packaging by an average of 25%, which meant removing or replacing over 600 million single use plastic items.

The findings are an analysis of the progress of Repak’s Plastic Pledge initiative.

CEO of Repak, Séamus Clancy said:

“2021 was another year of positive progress by Repak’s Members in helping to deliver the actions set out in Repak’s Plastic Packaging Recycling Strategy 2018–2030. In 2021, our Plastic Pledge Initiative Members achieved an average commercial back door plastic recycling rate of 69%, removed 26,000 tonnes of avoidable plastic waste from the estimated 315,805 tonnes of plastic packaging waste placed on the Irish market, and reduced their overall plastic usage by an average of 25%.”


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