Reports National Public Health Emergency Team Could Be Wound Down In October As Part Of Government’s Plan To Return Ireland To Normal Life

It’s been revealed that the National Public Health Emergency Team may be wound down in October, as part of the Government’s plan to return Ireland to normal life.

According to today’s Irish Independent, NPHET – an expert panel advising Government on Covid 19 – is to end in its current form in the coming weeks.

The group was originally put together in January last year and with regular press briefings on the progress of the disease, its scientists and medical experts have all become household names.

Sinn Fein’s Health Spokesperson David Cullinane, says they haven’t had an easy job:

“It was always very difficult, and it’s a really tough time that we’ve all been through, which has tested people in relation to the level of restrictions they had to recommend. And it took an awful lot of courage at times and they have faced an awful lot of criticism. But to enable a state to navigate its way through, what has been a really difficult time, and keeping people safe is obviously their biggest achievement.”


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