Residents of Glentrasna Estate in the Glen say they are sick of “temporary fixes” and urgently need their homes to be repaired

The estate with 100 houses was built 13 years ago and is now been plagued by rats and leaking roofs which is leading to damp and mould

Residents have accused the City Council of ignoring their plight and leaving them with no choice but to highlight the issues through local radio

Cork City Council are not commenting on the matter at this time

Speaking to RedFM News local resident Christa Daly says the rats are running freely between the houses

“Our back walls collapsed ten years ago and as a result of this, it created a hole in the cavity walls between each house, and it’s created a rat run.  This has been going on for years. And now because of the construction that’s going on in Blackpool down by the shopping centre. The problem has just exasperated to the point where we can’t sit out in our gardens, we are all seeing them on a daily basis. One of my neighbours actually caught eight of them, just last week alone”


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