Rise in number of children and young people contracting Covid-19

The number of children and young adults contracting Covid-19 is raising concern among the National Public Health Emergency Team.

Of 202 cases diagnosed in the past two weeks, 76 were in people aged under 35, including 16 involving children under 14 years of age.

Two more people with Covid-19 have died, bringing the death toll to 1,717, while four new cases have been confirmed.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Ronan Glynn, says we can expect further cases of the virus among children.

“This disease seems to be a lot less severe as a whole [in children and younger people], but it’s still not without risk in any age group.

“As we move forward it’s likely that we will see more cases in children, as  ore children mix with other children – that won’t be surprising.

“The key message for parents and guardians over the coming weeks is to try and minimise that risk as much as possible.”


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