Road Safety Authority urges motorists in Cork to slow down this Bank Holiday weekend

For every death on Irish roads, eight or nine people are seriously injured.

The stark figure from the Road Safety Authority comes as it urges motorists to slow down this Bank Holiday weekend.

156 people died on Irish roads last year, with the number hitting 20 already this year.

18 people lost their lives on roads in Cork in 2022.

Brian Farrell from the RSA says motorists ignoring the basics can result in tragedy:

“We know that it’s from not wearing seatbelts. We know that it’s people speeding we know it’s intoxicated driving, distracted driving fatigue and careless in attention towards pedestrians and cyclists. But at the heart of this may be a complacency that has set in and we’ve certainly seen it since we’ve come out of Covid and that is a deterioration our attitudes and behaviour towards these types of behaviours on the roads.”


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