Romance fraud increased by 86 per cent in 2021

Gardai have issued a warning about romance scams, as Valentine’s Day approaches, and warn that 70 per cent of romance fraud victims are women.

Gardai say they’re working closely with Europol to disrupt the activities of romance scammers, particularly organised crime gangs who engage in this type of criminality, as well as monitoring dating sites for scams.

Detective Sergeant Michael Cryan outlines one such case:

“One example there is a 41 year old female who believed she was in contact with a well known musician, and they became romantically involved online and she was defrauded over €26,000. Obviously, it was a total fraud scam from the start. The average age of victims is about 47 to 50 years of age. As I said over 70% of them are female.”

  1. Patrick j Mcnamara   On   12th February 2022 at 5:56 am

    Ahhh come on . Anyone that gets caught in a sting like this deserves what they get . I don’t mean to put this poor woman down she was the blunt end of a despicable.. horrible crime . but in fairness tho you must always carry a duty of care for yourself ( Male and female) . I am a 58 year old slightly over weight bald male not a week goes by that I don’t get a beautiful Eastern European female in her 20ts / 30ts wanting to be my Facebook friend and then wants to pm me for a chat . If this guy that conned that woman was surly a well known singer why would he want 26 thousands? Hope she learned her lesson this time .

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