Row Erupts In Dáil After Sinn Féin Say Government Should Be Ashamed Of Its Housing Record

A row has erupted in the Dáil after Sinn Féin said the Government should be ashamed of its record when it comes to housing.

Students are outside Leinster House highlighting the severe shortage of student accommodation forcing many students to resort to hotels, B&Bs or couch surfing to attend college.

DCU has said it’s received four applications for every on-campus bed for this academic year.

In the Dáil Tánaiste Leo Varadkar and Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty clashed over whether the Government is doing enough:

Varadkar: “You said earlier on that the people on these benches, on the government benches, should be ashamed. You know, maybe you should ask yourself whether you should be ashamed too. Your party voted to increase rents in Northern Ireland in a pandemic. There is never, you never miss, and you’ve been…”

Doherty: “There are people dying in sheds without running water, and you should be ashamed. A bit of humility from you would go a long way. Ridiculous.”

Varadkar: “And a bit of humility from you too would go a long way.”


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