RSA: Do Not Take Risks On The Roads That Could ‘Take Someone Else’s Sunshine Away’

Do not take risks that could take someone else’s sunshine away.

That’s the message from the Road Safety Authority, with a busy weekend expected.

20 people have died during the June Bank Holiday Weekend in the last 5 years.

Already this morning, a man in his 30s was killed in a car crash in Offaly.

He was the sole occupant of a car that hit a wall just outside Tullamore between 5 and 5.30 this morning.

CEO of the RSA, Sam Waide, says roads will be very busy today:

“The sunshine is out. People will be looking to enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend. It will be busy. There’ll be people coming out of the towns or cities into rural environments, that may not be necessarily be familiar with those roads and those environments. So I would ask everyone to be cautious. I would ask, do not take other people’s sunshine away for their lives, and end up come Monday or Tuesday someone has lost a life in their family or friend and that is with them for life”.

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