RSA Warning People About Dangers Associated With Driving During Winter

The RSA are warning people about the dangers associated with driving during the winter.

The group are calling for drivers to use caution during the darker mornings and evenings – and say wet or slick roads can significantly increase braking distances.

12 people have been killed on Cork roads since the start of the year, while dozens more have been left with life changing injuries.

The RSA have raised concerns about the high level of fatalities on Cork roads and are asking motorists to make a conscious effort to slow down and stick to the speed limit.

Speaking to RedFM News, Brian Farrell from the RSA outlines another danger facing road users at this time of the year:

“Sun-glare – it’s a real problem at this time of year. You know, the low sun on the horizon in the morning and in the evenings is quite dazzling, and it is linked to a number of fatalities every year. So you know, the advice there is make sure you’ve got a pair of sunglasses in the car. Unfortunately, what happens is that the driver gets dazzled blinded, and doesn’t see, maybe, the pedestrian crossing the road, or the cyclist on the road and results in tragedy”.


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