RSA Warns Cork Motorists To Be Extra Vigilant This Weekend As Heavy Rain Hits County

The Road Safety Authority is warning Cork motorists to be extra vigilant this weekend as heavy rain hits the whole country.

It comes as a person lost their life in a crash in County Laois yesterday afternoon.

The person who was driving the car was killed when it hit a wall and then went on fire.

Speaking to RedFM News, RSA Communications Manager, Brian Farrell says speed and poor weather conditions are a dangerous combination:

“There’s a lot of rain forecast for the weekend and it’s going to make the roads hazardous. The obvious danger of this is that wet roads mean it’s going to take longer to stop your vehicle, so you need to slow down and you need to leave extra space between yourself and the vehicle in front, so that you have time and space to react in an emergency, and you can stop safely. The other difficulty you have to be on guard for is flooded roads and any ponding on the roads. The danger on wet roads is of aquaplaning and that’s where a film of water builds up between the road surface and your tire. It’s effectively like trying to stop a car on ice. So it’s so important for you to slow down”.


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