RTB recommends introductions of significant fines for those carrying out illegal evictions

The Residential Tenancies Board is recommending the introduction of significant fines for people carrying out illegal evictions.

In a response to a request by the Housing Minister, the Residential Tenanancies Board has made a number of recommendations to crack down on unfair evictions.

They include giving Gardaí the power to arrest, without a warrant, anyone participating in an illegal eviction.

Sinn Fein’s Housing Spokesperson, Eoin Ó Broin, says the law needs to be clearer on Gardaí’s role in evictions.

“If the landlord or an estate agent is changing the locks unlawfully, the Gardai cannot intervene.

“Even where a tenant is being physically removed from a property, it’s a very, very grey area.

“I’ve spoken to Gardai who have attended illegal convictions, and they themselves are very conflicted because the law is not helping in clarifying the situation.”


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