Rules Around Indoor Dining Mean Unvaccinated Staff Can Work But Not Served In Their Workplaces

Indoor service resumed at restaurants, pubs, cafes and hotels last Monday.

Customers must present proof of vaccinations and photo ID to be served indoors, however staff do not need to be vaccinated.

The Brick Oven in Bantry resumed in door service on Thursday.

General Manager Danielle Delaney says many hospitality businesses are staffed by young people:

If they get the Pfizer, they’ve only had a one shot. If they get the Janson, they’re waiting to get on that list. So a lot of the staff just haven’t had the chance to vaccinate yet, and then they can work inside, and they can serve everybody on their days that they’re working. If a bunch of the girls came in here on their day off trying to have lunch, I would be able to seat half of them inside and half of them outside, but they can work together all day long.”


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